Let loose of your inner sexual demons

I have always considered myself sort of a free-spirited human in all aspects of my life. I never believed in limiting myself and following societies ethos. I have a beautiful girlfriend who gives me almost everything, but I have never been truly satisfied, ever since high school I have always felt the urge to explore more than just same sex. The feeling was quite disturbing at first the more I thought about it and watched gay porn tube the more I wanted to explore it and satisfy my craving. It was time to let out my sexual demons finally.

Overcoming my fears

Initially, it was tough, I went out a lot trying to see if I could get a random hook up. It’s not like gay men just drop out of the sky. I signed up on an online dating site online dating site it was pretty easy and straightforward. I swiped looking at all profiles sent out a few messages, but none of them got back at me, it was starting to become frustrating and I had nearly given up.

An unexpected turn of events

I was hanging out with a friend of mine and over the course of the afternoon topic shifted to sexual experience and urges, on hearing mine he promised to hook me up with a gay friend of his. I didn’t know what to say or feel at first and I agreed, a few days later he called and everything was set up.

I was given his number and we set up a date later for that weekend.

A new thrilling experience

We finally met over drinks, finally, I had a shot at having sex, I have never felt so much alive. I finally met him and he was just like I pictured, I couldn’t shake the thought of dominating and ripping him to shreds.

At first, it was difficult talking about my urges as I felt ashamed, the more he assured me the more I got comfortable talking about the urges and fantasies I had in mind. He told me if I played my cards right maybe I would get lucky, words I was looking forward to hearing them.


Letting the cat out of the bag

We went back to his place, it hit me it was finally happening. Did he love it rough? Did he like being dominated, I couldn’t help asking myself. After a few drinks, we went to his room, the atmosphere was tense it was my first time, he was so gentle and assuring letting me grow into it. We watched a couple of videos and my best was the pov.

He was the dominating type just like I had fantasized, my urges of my asshole being ripped by a big cock were finally turning into a reality and He was a total pro I didn’t expect it to be like that, it was everything I was craving for a long time

It was a fun-filled night, I have never experienced something so sensual it. contrary to popular myths about anal sex I got to experience a whole different side of it.

The beginning of a new experience

That sexual encounter taught me a lot, it opened a lot of new adventures and experience that really enlightened my sexual life.

After that night we became closer, though am still with my girlfriend I still consider myself gender fluid, I don’t like putting labels on myself. We decided to keep our escapades a secret that made it even more exciting and we always meet up whenever our urges need to be dealt with.    



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